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It is well known that languages are an important issue at IES Al-Ándalus. We believe that immersion is the best way to practise a language and improve language speaking skills. And this is one of the reasons why we have started a students’ Exchange with Hobro Sondre Skole in Denmark.

But…why Denmark? Do they speak English? The answer is “YES”, they speak extremely fluent English, which is a perfect vehicle of communication to be used in Europe. So it was English the language we used all the time to communicate with the families we stayed with, at school, museums, restaurants, shops and all the different activities we took part in. Basically, it was a language exchange based on values of sociable living, interculturality, tolerance and historical, artistic and cultural heritage

Obviously, we wanted our students to make the most of this trip, academically, culturally and linguistically speaking, and all the goals were achieved. And on top of this, it was fun. We enjoyed all the scheduled activities:

-International dinner with typical Danish food.
-Field trip to Ärhus.
-Guided visit at ARoS Modern Art Museum.
-Visit to the Old Town to know the history, culture and living conditions in Denmark from 1500 to 1980.
-Hans Christian Andersen Fairytale Tour.
-Fyrkat, the Viking village.
-Picnic and bonfire in Osterskoven.
-Farup Sommerland amusement park.
-Lunch at Street Food, where we had the chance to enjoy food from many different places in the world.
-Shopping in Aalborg.

But having fun was not the only thing. There was a lot of work. Our students not only made a powerpoint presentation of Almuñécar in front of the other Danish ans Spanish students, but attended Art, PE, Maths, English and Spanish lessons. They talked about the Spanish Education System and had the chance to learn about the Danish one. Moreover, they attended a performance about Viking gods and goddesses, which had been prepared by the Danish students.

And last but not least, we must say that our students behaved very well in quite a responsible and mature way. They had such a good educational experience that they will never forget it. Hopefully, this experience will be important in the short and long term, in their present and future lives as they met wonderful host families, students with whom they made friends and nice teachers.

All the activities had been perfectly scheduled and organised by the Danish teacher of Spanish, Pernille Villadsen. She was kind enough as to host Marina and me for the whole week

Thanks Pernille.

Francisco Martínez Torres

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