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Working with projects is said to be one of the most effective ways to reinforce and widen students' input. We are currently developing some of them at school. Because of the importance of the topic for the near future, we are working on recycling plastic. One of the problems nowadays is that some young people have no information about how important recycling is. Pushing to improve recycling habits among young people is one of the main goals we want to achieve through this project. We must teach our students that they must avoid contaminated waste because they do not realise how damaging it is to the environment.

A series of talks and workshops have been taking place at school in order to help students become aware of the fact that helping the environment is essential nowadays, if we want to have a better world. Michael Comley, one of our English speaking collaborators, has been working on this topic for months telling our students about the problems caused by plastic. He has also worked on many possible solutions and has informed them about how plastic waste can be useful if it is used properly as it can be turned into bricks to make houses or roads and sound barriers, just to give a few examples.

The project is addressed to ESO1 students but we have expanded the issue to all the ESO groups due to the importance of the topic as the future of the environment lies on young people. If we want our students to make decisions and act, they must be informed. Michael has asked students to draw some recycling maps to help them understand that there are recycling bins near their homes and it shouldn't be difficult for them to try.

The students made a few posters on the issue of saving the environment. These posters have been placed throughout the school hallways, for everyone to view. Action towards saving the environment can start anywhere. For example making others aware on the issue through posters is the first step towards saving our environment. The students can walk through the hallways with a sense of pride, knowing that they have done a small part with helping clean our world. From this project we have observed a sense of some ot the students talents through their individual artwork. They haven't only drawn some fish. They have also learnt and sung a song called “There is a Plastic Bag Floating in the Ocean” which they have enjoyed singing.

Michael Comley and Jenny, his wife, have cut out, mounted and displayed all the logos drawn by our students. A few steps towards making the world a better place to live in.

Thanks Jenny, thanks Mike and thank you all the teachers who have been involved in the project.

Viaje de los alumnos de Geografía de España de 2º bachillerato al puerto de Málaga, museo automóvil y de la moda, y fábrica Coca-Cola.

Departamento de Geografía e Historia

Trabajo sobre las Mujeres Científicas realizado por las alumnas de 2º de Bachillerato de Ciencias con motivo del Día de la Mujer:

Como en cursos anteriores, los alumnos/as de 1º Bachillerato de Sociales A/B y los 2º de los Ciclos Formativos han asistido en el mismo Centro al PROGRAMA de Educación Financiera para Jóvenes, EDUFINET La actividad consiste en una ponencia impartida por un experto financiero a cargo de la entidad UNICAJA. Los alumnos que hayan recibido la jornada, podrán participar en las Olimpiadas Financieras. Para mayor información, consultar:

Departamento de FOL

Nuestras alumnas Nuria, Sara, Estrella, Paula y Eva de Primero de Bachillerato han puesto un broche de oro al Intercambio realizado con alumnos alemanes en nuestro centro,acompañadas por José Manuel Lorenzo (profesor de Biología) junto con Ángel y Gwen los profesores alemanes,les han servido de guía en una visita cultural y artística al centro de Granada donde han podido visitar Plaza Bibrambla, Zacatin, Cátedral, Capilla Real, Madraza, Puerta Real, Corral del Carbón, etc. Después los han acompañado hasta el aeropuerto desde donde han partido hacia su destino. Buen viaje!!

Virginia Cañaestro García
Profesora de Geografía e Historia

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